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Beat the Horse – Pomplamoose VideoSong

Just found this passing by. Enjoy!

Nice Move Mr. President

petliCONVERTER: Convert your videos for iPod

When I got my iPod 5th generation a long time ago I wanted to convert my favourite series to the format of the iPod so I could watch them in the train. I looked around on the internet but every sofware I found was only trail or crap so I decided to make a GUI for ffmpeg.

A while passes since I wrote this code. And to be honest it’s real crap (the code). But it works. The current version is able to convert input videos to iPod and flv format. So you’re also able to make videos like YouTube (all you need is a flash player which can load flv files)

Try! Please give me feedback if you like it or don’t. If there are errors: tell me, then I’ll try to fix them.

Download petliCONVERTER 32bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

UPDATE: You can use this version for 64bit as well. You should replace the MediaInfo.dll in the application directory with the current 64bit version available on sourceforge.net.

Jeff Dunham: Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Gerade auf YouTube gefunden. Zum schreien.