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A Snow Leopard on my Mac

IMG_0170[1]Yah it really pays out to study computer science and have a lot of geeks in the course. A friend of mine provided me with the beta of Snow Leopard. Of course I directly installed it and I’m flattered by its speed. Now it means waiting for the final!

Going to the X

Some time ago I met a Macenthousiast while traveling to my parents by train. During the conversation he told me that with every new os Apple releases it’s faster than the old one even on older machines. I wouldn’t believe him. In my experience this not happend with any of the systems I had in my fingers. Okay with Linux this is not always true as the base system is quite fast if you don’t use a graphical interface.

So I installed Max OS X 10.5.2 Leopard yesterday on my MacBook. It was fascinating. As I need to run Windows on the machine as well I formated my drive so I also got rid of all the stupid useless stuff which is included in the full install.

I was really suprised when I booted the first time. Program startup faster. With Tiger my fan was driving me crazy sometimes. During my first test no fan at all. Great experience. Great operating system.

Use Bootcamp 1.4 without Leopard

I wondered when I checked my download directory if the Bootcamp version still works or not. I tried and the Bootcamp guide told be the Beta program was over. When I change the system time though I was able to create a driver disk and use Bootcamp :)

MacBook repair: The story continues…

Yesterday I finally got time to get my broken MacBook to a “Authorized Service Provider”. I left the shop and ten minutes later I got a call that my warrenty was not valid anymore because my MacBook was already a year and a half old. (I mean what the fuck. You pay a lot of money for a computer which stands for quality and then you get crap. The image of Apple drastically suffered from this incident.)

Today when I got my car back from the repair (no not repaired – he had no time for it. Another story of the day…) I dropped by the shop to ask them if the cost estimation they wanted to send me was ready. They started to tell me that they ordered the broken part and I was really confused until they clearified that there is an exchange program by Apple for this part. Yippie. So I do not have to pay for it. Good luck in the end :)